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Sell Porn, Make Money

Have you ever been curious about making money in the adult industry? Who
hasn't? And with these statistics anyone can see why:

$13 BILLION - Annual sales in 2009
$2.84 BILLION - Annual sales from Internet Sales in 2009
$3,075 - Money spent every SECOND on Adult Material
28,000 - Number of internet users viewing porn every SECOND
EVERY 39 MINUTES - A new adult video is being produced in the US

Now, you're probably thinking the same thing I was ... "How can I get just a
small nibble off all that Cheddar?" My intention was simple ... "Sell Porn,
Make Money!" Imagine the possibility of having fun while making
money through your sexual adventures. How appealing is that? ...

Let me share my story with you. In 2008, I turned my interests towards
producing and selling homemade amateur porn. I began researching how to get
into the industry. All of the information I found dealt with creating a porn
business, forming a company, hiring models, hiring videographers, purchasing
expensive equipment, and dealing with the legal issues of running a porn
company. This was definitely NOT my idea of fun, nor was I willing to invest
that much time and money to get things started. There had to be a much
easier way.

I discovered from my research, many companies do not produce their own
content. Instead they rely heavily on amateurs to constantly provide fresh
new videos to keep up with their supply and demand. These companies are

To my surprise, I found very little information and resources for how anyone
like you and me can start selling homemade amateur porn to these companies.
My theory was this ... once I knew which companies would purchase homemade
amateur porn and I knew what type of content they wanted to buy, I could
produce my own videos and sell directly to them! Supply and demand ... it
really is that SIMPLE and EASY. I knew there were just two questions that I
had to answer in order to make this happen:

Which companies will buy homemade porn directly from amateurs? (i.e.
married couples, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends with benefits, etc.)
What type of content are they buying? (i.e. college girls, couples, milf,
solo females, gay, fetish, etc ... the list goes on and on)

After countless months of research I was SUCCESSFUL! I compiled a list of
companies that specialize in purchasing homemade amateur porn directly from
the amateurs themselves. I use this list of buyers to sell my homemade porn
videos month after month. Now I am sharing my list with everyone who want's
to do the same. This means anyone can produce homemade amateur porn and sell
their videos to multiple buyers (companies) month after month using my list
as a resource guide.

The information provided in my "how-to" resource guide will enable anyone to
start making money TODAY in just 4 EASY STEPS from the safety and comfort of
their own home without having any strangers filming. If you're looking for
an easy, fun way to make extra cash by selling your homemade amateur porn
this resource guide was made for you.

I personally invite you to GET YOUR COPY TODAY, start producing your content tonight,
and submit your videos to multiple buyers immediately. YOU CAN START MAKING


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  1. Amatuer Porn Buyers List
    eBook: 4 EASY STEPS to Produce and Sell Your Homemade Amateur Porn

    Our flagship product puts you in direct contact with multiple companies that will buy your homemade amateur porn videos directly. 

    Simply put, we did all the hard work for you.  All you have to do is produce, submit your videos, and collect money.

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    Learn How to Make Fast Easy Cash as a WebCam Model in Less Than 7 Days

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